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MiddleChild Titanium

When we make a new bike we love, we tend to ride it hard while the others gather dust. What happens next is that bike gets the titanium treatment, which began as a custom option for ourselves only, to drool over and take turns shredding. So a Ti version of the successful MiddleChild was inevitable, and a limited number will be produced and available in Spring ’19

Sergeant V3 Aluminum

Mountain bike

When you send a bike out into the wide world, you have a clear notion of its purpose – where and how it can be ridden. But ultimately, the riders who buy them determine this, and we’ve learned some important things about the Sergeant from our customers. This has helped to steer the development of the newest version of this Swiss-Army-knife of a trail bike

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Fat bikes themselves have also changed a lot in the last few years, to reflect the evolution of our trails and riding styles. Our fat Mayor has come along for the ride, and in the years since its introduction in 2013, it has developed to adapt to these changes. The new Mayor fat bike we just launched is again on the leading edge of design and compatibility within the industry and the riding community at large

For many years, before proven suspension designs went mainstream, the only mountain bikes were hardtail mountain bikes. And we loved them, warts and all. What you could call an “aggressive hardtail” was usually a bike with steep angles that were optimized for XC racing, and the best hardtails were seen as the ones most oriented to that discipline. There is undeniably a purist element that favours a hardtail over a more forgiving full-suspension bike, but the simplicity and fun that the original hardtails promised has been fully realized in the form of the modern, aggressive hardtail mountain bike, the best of which are finely crafted steeds, often made from the highest-quality steel and titanium tubing.

Wildcat. It’s the name of our street (for real), and we always wanted to name a bike for it, but it never made sense until this 27.5+ beast was born. Like its namesake, the Wildcat is most comfortable scrambling up and down janky terrain deep in the woods, and it’s got big paws that deliver impossible grip

Fat bikes & Mountain bikes


Each of our frames is designed from the ground up, going from paper sketches to AutoCAD, and then prototyping. If you want to build the best mountain bikes, you can not use an “open mold” as it’s known in the industry, which is basically someone else’s design, with your stickers on it. 

Despite the revisions that come from the evolution of a model over time, we’re proud of each frame we make because we’ve taken them all through this rigorous process. As a result, we’re always looking for new and better ways to build the highest quality mountain bikes that we can, because pride is on the line and there’s no feeling like realizing your success out on the trail, in the dirt.

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